Thursday, 2 May 2013

More Darling Girl Swatches

Swatches of the rest of my Darling Girl order including two free samples Susan very generously included with my order.

Glittery shades are swatched over Pixie Epoxy, others are over primer. The blush was swatched lightly over bare skin. All photos were taken in natural daylight and descriptions in italics are taken from the Darling Girl site.

Persuasion Diamond Dust  a gorgeous, medium lavender base with gold shift and turquoise sparkles.

Sushi Flower Diamond Dust - an amazing, iridescent blue/purple with a rainbow of "diamond dust" sparkle

Soft Kitty Soft coppery tan with subtle green undertones. [part of the Nerdvana Collection]

The Seam - a taupe-ish gray with an aqua flash. [part of the Only One Can Win Collection]

On-X - a sheer black base with loads of rainbow star sprinkles [part of the Rainbow Bright Collection]

Ladyhawke- no official description, but a pretty colour shifting blue-grey [GWP]

Pink Posies Blush - again no description, pretty bright pink. [GWP]

Everything can be purchased from Darling Girl Cosmetics online.
Full Size: 3/4 tsp in a 5g jar $5.90
Petit: 1/4 tsp in 3g jar $2.50
Sample: 1/8 tsp of product in a baggie 5 for $4.00

Full Size: $5.90
Petit: $2.50


  1. I love the colors, they have a lot of depth and some a really pretty iridescence. xx

    1. Darling Girl does make some amazing and complex colours :)

  2. The diamond dusts look AMAZING! x

    1. They are so fun and sparkly :)


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