Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Supernatural Makeup; Dean Winchester

"I hope your apple pie is freakin' worth it!"

I couldn't do a Supernatural makeup series and forget the Winchesters!


Dean Winchester, the Righteous Man, the Hunter, the Vessel. He just wanted to make his Daddy proud, take care of Sammy and eat pie, but this is Supernatural and things never go as planned. Instead he's been wanted by the police, sent to Hell, inadvertently helped start the apocalypse. And that's before we get to the brother problems...

Dean is my favourite Winchester, not because I think he's the most attractive but because I relate to him a lot. Especially as far as being fine and chick-flick moments go. And trying to impress a parent. Dean is also the funnier brother [sorry Sam!], well, aside from *that* bit at the start of Season 6. He's a hero, even when he doesn't want to be one. And even if things sometimes fall apart around, or because of, him, he's still done pretty well for a guy with a G.E.D and a give 'em hell attitude.

"My name is Dean Winchester. I'm an Aquarius. I enjoy sunsets, long walks on the beach, and frisky women. And I did not kill anyone."

Victorian Disco Fallen Survivor on inner corner, Geek Chic Inevitable Betrayal over lid, Black Rose Minerals Scarab on outer corner and crease. Glitter is Victorian Disco Wazoooooo!. Liners are George liquid liner is gold and black.

This is Dean's song.That clip is really in the show.And this is why I picked it xD


  1. handsome!


  2. Dean is my favourite character in the show. I love him for all the reasons you mentioned.

    This look is so beautiful! You did a great job!

    1. Thankyou =). I do love Dean, he gets some of the best lines

  3. I love Dean! He is so badass, I think that is why I like him better than Sam xD
    Nice job :D

    1. hehe, Dean is the ass-kicker of the two for sure. Thankyou :)


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