Thursday, 30 May 2013

Supernatural Makeup: Gabriel

 "Gabriel, okay? They call me Gabriel."

The Archangel Gabriel, the youngest of the four, he just hated seeing everyone fight. He wanted it to be over, so he jumped ship, carved out his own special little niche in witness protection and tried to ignore the whole ordeal. Until the Winchesters showed up and threw some home truths his way. Poor Gabriel, he could have been so happy, in a loveable murderous way, eating sweets and dealing out just desserts.

Gabriel is my favourite ever guest role over all eight seasons. He had all of four episodes and I still loved him. I still cry when I watch his last appearance, I'm hoping there's a loophole somewhere and we get the pintsized archangel back. He was funny, charming and just downright loveable. Even when he was killing people and putting poor Sammy through hell, and Dean for that matter. Thank God it's not Tuesday. 
Poor Gabriel. He just wanted the fighting to stop, but he was a hero when it counted.
Oh and Richard Speight Jr has the prettiest eyes ever. Seriously, look.

"Lucifer... you are my brother, and I love you. But you are a great big bag of dicks."
Shiro Slave 23 on the inner corner, Black Rose Minerals Ein over lid, Darling Girl Soft Kitty on outer corner and crease. Wings are Victorian Disco The Great Lift and Sailor Galaxia. Liner is Geek Chic Inevitable Betrayal and Very Fine Hat. Glitter is Victorian Disco UAV.

This is a very fandom-inspired look. Though I took the liner from his jacket.

A song for Gabriel, I couldn't not.


  1. I love the design you did for this! :D
    I really, really enjoyed the episodes with Gabriel, especially his last appearance. It's too bad he is not coming back T_T

    1. Gabriel's last episode still makes me cry, I did love him. Though apparently back in Season 5 Kripke told Richard Speight he wasn't dead [according to people at Asylum 10 anyway], at least he still turns up at conventions hehe.


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