Friday, 31 May 2013

Supernatural Makeup: Sam Winchester

"Last I checked, it wasn't the road to heaven that was paved with good intentions."

Sam Winchester just wanted to be normal. Sadly, that was doomed from the start, even before he was born his future had been laid out. He tried so hard to get out away from the Hunter's way of life but hell had other plans and his College degree and girlfriend all went up in flames. It's been a bit downhill since then, between the demon blood, Lucifer and his terrible choices in women, poor Sammy really has had a bad time of it. And in the end all he wanted was to not let his big brother down.

Sam, with his laptop and his majestic mane of hair, is every bit as loveable as Dean. He's my second favourite Winchester. He's the nerd of the family, but he still kicks ass and looks good doing it. And yes, there are aspects of Sam I totally relate to as well. Like not wanting to let anyone down, and being the nerdy one. Poor Sam had such a hard life, but his character arc over the eight seasons so far has been amazing. He might not be my favourite brother, but the Moose will always hold a place in my heart. [and Jared Padaleki is too big to fit in the TARDIS, this is an endless source of a-moose-ment for me source]

"No, not really. We have guns and we will find you."

Femme Fatale Candied Apple on inner corner, Black Rose Minerals One Does Not Simply across lid, Black Rose Minerals Scabbed Wings on outer corner, Femme Fatale Unholy in crease. George black liquid liner.

Song for Sam, self explanitory if you've seen Seasons 4 & 5.


  1. I'm loving this series. This look is beautiful, as always.

  2. I love how muted, how much more simple this is than the others. Don't get me wrong-- I love the extravagance of Gabriel's! But I think you've captured their personalities perfectly. :)


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