Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Money Supermarket Budget Bucket List

So MoneySupermarket are running a Budget Bucket list competition.

Remember the 2007 film The Bucket List, with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman? The film showed the two men working their way through a list of ambitions and objectives before they ‘kicked the bucket’.
So what’s on your bucket list? Cheap-and-cheerful or willfully extravagant, we’d like to read your blogs to find out what’s firing your imagination.
It wouldn’t cost much to release a Chinese lantern from the top of a mountain at dusk, but it could give you precious memories. It would cost a lot more to swim with dolphins, say, but there’s no restriction on what you can wish for – it’s your list, so accept no boundaries!
The winners, one first place and four runners up, will get some money to put towards achieving some goals on their bucket list. Plus, bucket lists are super interesting. So, here are mine.

Budget- get a tattoo. I've been wanting a tattoo for years and years, seriously. The only thing stopping me, aside from being a total wuss, is the cost. But since my sister had hers done for around £50 at a very reputable studio in my hometown hopefully I'd be able to afford a small piece sooner rather than later. A quote, either "non timebo mala" or "where words fail music speaks".

Extravagant - originally I was going to say attending San Diego Comic Con, then I realised that waiting in lines for a whole weekend wasn't my idea of bucket list perfection. I would like to go, but given the whole "utterly packed and a hellish world of queueing" thing, not a bucket list item. So my real extravagant item is to visit the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, go on the tour and watch a show. I love horses, and the Lipizzaner horses there are stunning and so talented. This is my extravagant pick because getting to, and staying in, Austria is way out of my budget as it is, let alone all the things I'd want to do there!

I'm tagging
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  1. Ah wow I was so surprised you said the Spanish Riding School, I've been! It's a really indescribable experience, the horses are so well groomed and trained it puts my dog to shame! xxx

    1. Jealous! It looks so amazing, I've seen clips and I think my mum has been. They put even my best days at horse riding to shame!

  2. Wow! That would be incredible to to go the Spanish Riding School. I can't even imagine!

    Tattoo is doable, why haven't you done it?

    Great list and good luck!

    1. Money and fear of the pain. But I'm planning on trying to book one with my next payday, since I blew most of this months money on Convention tickets

  3. This is awesome :D
    I got a small tattoo done two years ago and it was an awesome experience. I have been wanting to get a larger tattoo but I don't have money for it either!

    I have been wanting to go to Comic Con too! I was going to go this year but work prevented me from going. I did manage to go to Anime Expo in Los Angeles though. I heard the same about Anime Expo (that is was super crowded and such), but it was actually not that bad. I mean, it was crowded and there are lines, but it is still so much fun! I am making it my goal to go to Comic Con next year!

    1. Anime Expo sounds amazing :D. I do really want to go to SDCC one year, even if I do spend a long time in queues, it looks amazing. So expensive to get to San Diego from here though!


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