Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Revlon Midnight Express Cream Shadows

So, I suck.
Ages ago I won a competition run by the lovely Nancy at Dark Side of Beauty, which Royal Mail in all their wisdom took freaking forever to deliver. As in, it arrived two or three weeks ago. I've had the swatches done for ages and I'm only just getting around to posting them. I'm sorry Nancy, I suck!

Anyhow. Swatches.
These are all swatched on bare skin and photographed in natural light. The colours have no names, so I went super simplistic. Descriptions are my best attempts.

Revlon Midnight Express Swatches

Green- A pretty olive green with golden glitter 

Silver  - plain metallic silver

White - champagne white
Black - plain matte black

Bronze- orangey bronze with gold glitter

Purple - eggplanty-burgandy purple. Brown based with silver glitter

I really like the bronze, and the purple is a unique shade in my collection. That green is nice too, reminds me a little of The Fett

Unfortunatley, while these are nice colours, they don't last long, probably due to the formula being so creamy. I wore them with eyeshadow over the top to set and they only lasted three, maybe four hours at most, without eyeshadow it  was a lot shorter. Boo. Oh well, they are pretty.


  1. The purple is a really great shade!


    1. It is, don't often see purples like that!

  2. Haha no worries at least it arrived there :D
    I know what you mean. I really liked the colors, but the staying power sucks D:<

    1. I know, it's a shame. I heard Revlon made some really good long-lasting cream shadows too.


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