Friday, 16 August 2013

Friday Favourites


Blog Love:

Other things I've been loving this week:

  • Under the Dome and True Blood. They're both coming to a close soon, but they've been my top summer viewing this year!
  •  The Cab and Imagine Dragons. Top three songs by each at the moment are Angel With A Shotgun, Animal & Intoxicated by The Cab and Radioactive, Tiptoe and Bleeding Out by Imagine Dragons
  • GISHWHES. I'm not taking part, but I'm so excited to see what people manage to do for it. Watch the video on that link, it's an amazing project,both for the crazy fun and for the great things people do.


  1. Thanks for the shoutout :D I love Simply Beauty's Skyrim's series! I've played Skyrim way too much. After two years, I still play it all the time!

  2. I love True Blood too! It is simply amazing! And I have checked out the links, they are pretty interesting too. I can see why they're your favourites:)
    I'd really like it if you were a part of the themed monthly look book on my blog Teeniolect HERE


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