Sunday, 8 September 2013

I'm Alive! Future Plans & New Releases

So I'm back. Sorry for the random hiatus, I'm hoping to be back and posting now, though any ideas for looks or products you'd like to see reviewed would be much appreciated.

A few things I do plan to pick up and swatch/review are:
- some of the new Collection Gothic Glam releases, I've seen two polishes which I rather like and the lippies don't look half bad either. If Boots still has their buy on get one half price I'll hopefully manage to grab two polishes from the store near my work.
- The Darling Girl Oh The Horror collection. I should be placing an order for a few of the shades there soon.
- exited for the Victorian Disco upcoming Harry Potter and *fingers crossed* halloween collections
- and finally I have my eye on some shades from the Geek Chic Harry Potter and Superneutral collections. [plus debating orders from My Pretty Zombie and possibly Detrivore for halloween]

I do have some upcoming reviews, and a couple of looks for this week.

I'm also hoping to get some more non-makeup posts done, I'm a tv fanatic for those who don't know, and all the new seasons are starting between this month and next, so I was hoping to start a Sunday series reviewing the episodes of shows I watched that week. There will be a whole raft of them if I do. Just to break up all the eyeshadow.
I might also start talking about my PhD a bit, since it takes up so much of my time.

Yeah. I think that covers it.
So, suggestions of looks or anything you'd like to see.


  1. Woo welcome back lovely! Really intrigued about the Collection gothic glam things, haven't seen/heard anything about this but that's probably because I've tried not to go into Boots until I have money in my pocket! x

    1. I've only seen it in my local Asda, which means they might have got the stuff early and put it out by mistake! xD Lucky for me though, if not so good for my bank blanace


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