Monday, 9 September 2013

Rainbow Liner for Pride

On Saturday my hometown had it's own little Pride event and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to attempt rainbow liner for the first time. Which I did.

rainbow eye liner

I think I should have gone for a brighter green.
Anyway, products used: Victorian Disco Fallen Survivor over lid with a little Black Rose Minerals One Does Not Simply on the outer corner and crease. Liner is, in order from red to blue, Fyrinnae Scarlet Macaw, Shiro Cornucopia, Geek Chic 1000 Needles, Victorian Disco My Feels and Shiro Shinigami on the lower lashline. Also used Collection black liner on upper lashline to define my eye, Rimmel white pencil on my waterline and mascara is L'Oreal Volume Million Excess Noir.

I did take a full face photo, but I had such epic bitchface going on I deleted it.


  1. That looks incredible! How long did it take? It must take one steady hand & some patience to nail it, but it looks fantastic. One of these years I am really tempted to go & experience Brighton's gay pride with a friend or 2 of mine. It's on my bucket list. x

    1. It didn't take too long, I think finding all the right colours and cleaning the brush took most of the time! Maybe about 15 minutes. Brighton pride looks really awesome, I'd love to go to that one day myself! :D


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