Thursday, 26 September 2013

State of Grace Perfume Oils

So recently I bought three vials of perfume oil from State of Grace on Etsy. These are fandom inspired scents, the store has a whole range of them with everything from Torchwood to Middle Earth, as well as a range of soy wax melting tarts and lots of non-fandom scents too. Though don't let the inspiration for the smells put you off, these smell gorgeous in their own right.

The three scents I ordered were Badger Badger, a Harry Potter inspired smell, and Demonic Forces and Thursday's Child, both Supernatural inspired. They arrived well wrapped in a small box and bubblewrap. With perfume oils you really do only need a tiny amount to last all day, I dab a little on my wrists and behind my ears. Also, the smell you get after you apply isn't the same as the scent you sniff from the vial. It changes with your body chemistry and is generally less strong on your skin than in the vial.

These are the scent descriptions from the State of Grace Store:

"Thursday’s Child" was created for Castiel, the Angel of the Lord. His ethereal, natural scent carries the angelic notes of Sweetgrass and Lilac, underscored by earthy Bayberry, sensual Vanilla and Exotic Sandalwood.
This scent I wanted to love but couldn't. It may just be my skin, but it smells kind of 'old lady' on me. Which sucks because I love vanilla scents. Maybe it's the lilac or perhaps the sandalwood.

"Demonic Forces” is a dark, loamy scent, based on the Demons of the Supernatural World. Rich Fig, Heavy Myrrh, and Dark Patchouli are punctuated with the sharp tangy notes of Bergamot, Bay and Cedar. Mysterious and Strangely Enticing. 
This is the sexiest scent I own. I love it for nights out or special occasions. Even in the vial this smells gorgeous.

“Badger Badger” is a warm and homey smell, almond and amber mixing with lemon and vanilla to create an inviting perfume, tinted with earthy sage and gentle jasmine. This is the perfect understated scent for your “loyal brave and true” Hufflepuff.
Vanilla. I love vanilla. This is perfectly sweet and smells great on me, also the one I catch the most whifs of whilst I'm wearing it during the day.

Cost and Where to Buy:
The vials are 1 dram [about 3.5mL according to google] and cost £2.27 each.  Available from State of Grace on Etsy.


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