Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Derpy Hooves Inspired Look

Hey look, I'm adding more looks to my My Little Pony inspired series. This time it's Derpy, a fan favourite.
Derpy or Ditzy Doo is a gray Pegasus who was given the name Derpy Hooves by the show's internet following due to her having a cross-eyed "derpy" expression in the first episode. The name has since been adopted by the crew and Hasbro.

I used  Femme Fatale Polymorph on the lid, with a combination of Victorian Disco Mellon and Shiro Cornucopia on the outer corner and in the crease. The yellow liner is Shiro Cornucopia, with Victorian Disco Steady Aim glitter for the dots. Black liner is collection 2000 extreme felt pen and mascara is L'Oreal Volume Million Excess Noir.

bonus shot! I actually really like this look, wonder if I can find a way to wear it to uni.

Any other MLP characters you think I should do? I still need to do Spike I know. Or any other series/themes you guys would be interested in seeing?


  1. I think this is one of my favourite looks from you xx

    1. thank you, it was good fun to do!

  2. Your makeup look actually turned out to be quite flattering! The silvery blue shadow really brings out your eye colour! I would totally wear it to school if I could pull it off!

  3. adorable!! Love the color combo :)


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