Saturday, 26 October 2013

Friday[ish] Favourites


Blog Love:

When I saw the new cinnamon and mint Pringles over at Foodstuff Finds, I knew this was something I needed to know more about this [oh, and I'm totally planning to try the sweet cinnamon!]
Ever seen something in a photo and wanted to know where you could get your own? Honeybee in the City shared an awesome website called The Hunt which can help you find anything from home d├ęcor to teeshirts.
These patchwork nails by The Nailasaurus is on my must-do list!
There are lots of negative terms surrounding mental health you might not even be aware of, Katie at Lost and Found discusses a few
I know they're supposed to be for kids, but these halloween party snacks look great!

Other things I've been loving this week:

Halloween is around the corner, this costume hunting infographics post is epic
38 Sweet Facts about Candy aka. Katie loves Mental Floss, a lot.

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