Sunday, 13 October 2013

Sunday Screencast

Please note, I watch shows by USA schedules and these posts will contain spoilers for already aired episodes

Sleepy Hollow – 1 x 04 “The Lesser Key of Solomon”

Ichabod Crane was at his very best in this episode. He was kind and caring, but also sassy and badass, just utterly perfect. And whilst I know pretty much nothing about the Boston Tea Party [though I am beginning my research now, I've just downloaded a very interesting Radio 4 podcast on it] I loved the explanation for the start of it. “Export on tea was at an all time high so I created a diversion” *snort*. As I said, my love for Mr Crane grows by the moment. It's the coat. The Hessian are a frightening new addition, sleeper cells are creepy just by their very nature. And we finally have a name for the demon – Moloch! Loved the use of Milton's works there as well.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D – 1 x 03 “The Asset”

More airborne motor vehicles, awesome. Awesome indication of what was happening at the start of the episode with the whole “defining moment” talk. And yay for a Chemical Kineticist. Physical Chemistry is my baby, only module I ever got a first in outside first year. I rather enjoyed the cowboy, just because Cowboys! I knew I didn't trust Skye, no wait, she's okay. That was a double switch, and it got me! Especially being suspicious of the woman from the start. The artefact thing in this episode was pretty scary, something which controls and affects gravity is a frightening prospect. And holy hell that hand at the end! I sense a big villain coming in, between this and the creepy rich dude. The special effects in this episode were stellar as well. I'm impressed.

Supernatural - 9 x 01 “I Think I'm Going to Like it Here”

My baby is back! I loved the opening sequence to this episode, awesome song over it. And the new title card is beautiful!

Poor Sam! They really had me going at the start of this episode, I wondered for a minute whether they'd done something stupid and gone for 'oh, trials over, Sam's fine'. As much as I hate seeing him dying and watching Dean hurting, I'm glad there are real repercussions for what happened. And Dean praying to Cas, that was like being stabbed because we know how much the two care for each other and how Dean is hurting but Cas can't hear him. And I just know Dean was blaming Cas for not coming straight away. I do love Dean using his Winchester leverage to get help for his brother, he'd still do anything to save Sam. Dean Winchester never learns apparently.
Being in Sam's head is cool. I liked it last time they did it, and it's still cool. Actually this time it's possibly cooler, with 'Dean' and 'Bobby' there, not just multiple Sams. It's really good to see the multiple viewpoints from the people who would possibly hold such opinions.Even if seeing Dean stab Bobby was jarring. And Christ they just want to keep kicking us, Sam wanting to die hurts to watch. Though it was wonderful to see Death again [weird as that is to say] and he really does like the Winchesters. Has to say something about you when Death himself is a fan, and when he looks sad to be taking you.
I just want to hug Castiel. He's not very good at the whole human thing is he? Still, his heart is in the right place and his ideas are great, he just needs the fallen angels to listen. And I love that he cares about Sam, so far as to tell Dean not to bother about him and tell him about how Sam is doing. The laundrette scene was sad to watch, he had to choose between clean clothes and water. He looked so upset about it all.
Not sure how I feel about Ezekiel. He is badass, I'll give him that, and Cas didn't immediately panic at his name, still something about the whole sneaky possession thing irks me. It's a violation, more so than Lucifer ever did, and Ezekiel got Dean to trick Sam into saying yes though what sounds a hell of a lot like blackmail, which I am extremely angry about. Honestly I'm not totally convinced he's gone. Maybe I'm just biased and distrustful after Metatron, even if I disliked him from the get go. A+ acting from Jared though, he really is a fantastic actor. Hael I did not like. Even before she hit Cas and went 100% bunny boiler. I cheered a little when he stabbed her. I do feel bad for her, and all the angels, being suddenly kicked from heaven and now wingless and aimless, but she went from zero to misery in
Not happy about Crowley being locked in a car boot, lets be honest, but only the King of Hell can make knocking sound sassy.
And where the hell DO angels go when he banishes them now? Scotland maybe, or a small village in Norfolk?

Deanism of the week. “Let a few Japanese tourists take pictures, no one got too handsy”. I very much disliked the “there aint no me if there aint no you” like though. It made every part of me that knows English cringe. Maybe I'm just a bit snobby?

American Horror Story: Coven – 3 x 01 “Bitchcraft”

Okay, first off trigger warnings for slavery, graphic abuse/torture and rape. The beginning of the episode takes place in the 1800s with Madame Delphine LaLaurie, so the slavery, abuse and honestly graphic torture is there. If you know anything about LaLaurie you might not be 100% surprised, and I'm really intersted to see where they go with her since I find evil historical figures fascinating [nb; apparently I'm a weirdo who is way too into scary semi-historical stories. If you want to know about the LaLaurie story click here or listen to this great podcast from “stuff you missed in history class”, again warnings for accounts of graphic torture/violence etc]. And by the looks of it Marie Laveau [learn more about her here ] will also turn up, another famous historical figure I'd love to hear more about.

There are two rape scenes, the first being imo the more brutal and the second really just gratuitous and vile. The first rape happens in the final third of the episode, towards the end, it is graphic and horrible to watch. But I will give the show some credit for showing those guys as utterly disgusting human beings and kudos to Kyle for stopping them, and then to Madison or what she did because honestly, those guys deserved it. Just not Kyle. I still don't like Madison as a person but no one deserves that. The second is practically at the end, and while I kind of understand the motivation [that sounds horrific, I hope if you've seen the episode you get where I'm coming from. I don't agree with rape ever] it was just a gratuitious scene – Zoe rapes one of the rapists in hospital as her 'curse' kills anyone she has sex with. He was the ringleader of the whole thing and the only survivor from the group.

I love Queenie, she's interesting and I like the actress. Zoe, Taissa Farminga's character, wardrobe needs an overhaul. And of course the wonderful Jessica Lange as the Supreme is fantastic as ever. I adore her, and every one of her characters.

And since it premièred this week and is a series I planned to watch, here are my thoughts on...

The Tomorrow People – 1 x 01 “Pilot”

I feel like I saw a lot of this episode in the promos. Still, it's a very exciting opening which sets up the characters and premise of the show. I really love Mark Pellegrino's character Jedekiah, single-minded men on a mission make the greatest adversaries. It's people who think they're doing the right thing who are the most dangerous. The SFX and music in this show are epic too. I'm a little worried about how overpowered the lead, Steven, seems to be but as long as it doesn't turn into a deus ex machina I'm happy. As far as pilot episodes go, not a bad one.

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