Sunday, 20 October 2013

Sunday Screencast

Please note, I watch shows by USA schedules and these posts will contain spoilers for already aired episodes

Sleepy Hollow – 1 x 05 “John Doe”

Bloody Hell, they're really cranking out some old stories here. Roanoke. Holy hell. Granted, the story has been kinda mythbusted, but it's super creepy and awesome. And I LOVE seeing more of the horsemen. Although the tracking scene was daft, spider web physics does not work like that. I know Conquest got taken over by Pestilence as far as wording goes, but they weren't necessarily the same and I don't like how they've done that. 25 minutes in I guessed it was the flowers that protected people, turns out I was wrong. Still I feel like the flowers are important somehow. I did like the adorable moment between Ichabod and Abbie at the end

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D – 1 x 04 “Eye Spy”

Got to admit I've been struggling to be motivated enough to keep up with SHIELD. I love Coulson but yeah... I don't know.
The start of this episode was super creepy though. Those guys in red masks give me the heebie jeebies. I liked the stuff about Instagram and flickr and stuff,it's true, we really are surveillance ourselves. Overall the mission was interesting and it showed a lot about Phil Coulson as a person, and the rest of the team too, he's a loyal friend whereas others were looking for logical solutions to a problem. And at the end they raise that same question about what really is going on with Coulson, everyone knows he's “wrong”, but what is it? That and they're really pushing the Skye [she still bugs me, sorry] and Ward future relationship angle.

Supernatural - 9 x 02 “Devil May Care”

Oh Crowley. I'm in deep distress over the King of Hell being hurt and locked up in the dark alone. I like that he's still a sarcastic asshole and that he's still a least in part his old demon self - manipulative and cruel. I was so afraid they'd make him all good and lovely and helpful, it'd ruin him. Also, I have a feeling he can see something is wrong with Sam, maybe that Ezekiel is in there. Just the way he looked at him after he left.
I LOVED Abaddon's return, how she did it and um yes, I could watch that again. Ahem. Sorry. I love that she's actually evil, she's a real Demon. She wants to know what the hell happened to Hell and I think she could really sort it out, in an evil demonic way. She's old-school and so powerful, she'll be a really awesome bad guy for this season. I love her and I love Alaina Huffman.
Poor Kevin. He's had one of the most realistic reactions to all the crazy supernatural stuff going on. But he's still badass when he needs to be and I really love him for that. The scene with the army officer, hells yeah, go Kevin Solo.
The girl with the broken car... points off for being an awful horror movie cliché. And the boys get gold stars for Stark and Banner, Avengers references <3
There were still some heart-wrenching moments between all the kickass action this episode, Sam getting the apocalypse thrown back into his face again, and how much guilt and pain he was already feeling only to have something old lumped back on top of him. That one poor hunter Abaddon got the info out of, blaming himself. We'd all cave under torture, well I would. And Kevin wanting to go after his mum. I can't even imagine how much pain he's in thinking that she's being tortured. I'm from a single parent family, and just thinking about how Kevin might feel makes me want to cry.
The boys really need their weapons on bungee cords or something, they keep managing to lose them. Ezekiel's wings were awesome, in a sad way, and Dean struggling to cope with whether he's really doing the right thing. I'm waiting for the alcoholism of season 7 to kick right back in again.

Line of the week; Crowley “Torture. Brilliant. Can't wait to see Sam in stilettos and a leather bustier, really putting the S-A-M into S&M. Really boys, what are you going to do to me that I don't do for kicks every Friday night.” not a true Deanism, but it's Crowley.

American Horror Story: Coven – 3 x 02

I really loved the opening of this weeks episode, Misty Day is awesome and those hunters got what they deserved. Not a fan of the weird blur on screen though.
Jessica Lange's character Fiona is formidable as always. I loved seeing Queenie's backstory, I love that she's an intelligent woman and stands up for herself. And her power is still so awesome! A+ special effects [this show has awesome SFX]. I still loathe Madison Mongomery, she's not a good person. She's rude and an awful friend.
I want to smack Zoe. Fiona is right, she's such a weak character. She snapped after like zero pressure and started going on about witchcraft – never a good idea to talk about things that aren't supposed to be real or happen. I really hope she becomes stronger as the series goes on. She was right about the spell being dodgy though, don't steal a latin spell you don't really know, and never build anything out of other parts! And if it's hurting the you don't keep going. Another camera thing I'm not a fan of – the shaky, twisty turny camera work. I hope there's not a lot of it.
I love the way they're winding history in with the plot and giving backstory in places without it seeming like huge blocks of exposition, like the hair parlour where we saw the animosity between Fiona and Marie Laveau, but we also got all the backstory on where witches got their power.
Weird witchcraft sex scene. That's all I'll say about that.
Poor Kyle, I hope Misty really can fix him.

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