Monday, 21 October 2013

Vassen Ruby Red Contact Lenses Review

Perfect for Halloween! I bought these lenses from Pinky Paradise, a pretty well known circle lense retail website [at least in the cosplay community] for my Halloween costume. They come in prescription strengths as well as just standard, which is awesome if you're a bit lacking in the 20/20 vision department like myself. They took a few days to be dispatched [I think a week, not too long] but after that arrived very quickly given the distance they were travelling, and they came with a free adorable animal lense case, so no need to buy one.

Please check with an optician before wearing contacts, and if anything hurts remove the lenses immediatley. Don't risk your eyes, you only have one pair!

The Vassen Ruby Red lenses are 1 year disposable costume lenses, with a 14.5mm diameter and a water content of 42% which makes them some of the most comfortable lenses I've worn. They do enlarge the size of your eye as well as giving awesome colour change. The one issue I have with these is that they show a lot of my iris near the pupil, this is because circle lenses are designed for asian eyes which are generally dark, so the iris doesn't show through clearly. As you can see from customer photos on the website on darker eyes these look stunning and no iris shows through. Hopefully mine will look better in the dark. They are really comfortable, striking and show great enlargement though, as you can see below.

Sorry about the lack of a full face picture, I'll get one at Halloween, but as you can see I wasn't wearing makeup and I just wanted to show the enlargement and colour of these.

Vassen lenses cost $22.90 and can be purchased from Pinky Paradise online

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