Monday, 18 November 2013

Various Nails

Just a quick post of some various nail art I've done and never got around to posting!

Red is Collection 2000 Dramatic, siver is Barry M silver multi glitter, I also used a generic black nail art pen and Rimmel's black crackle coat.

Tentacles! Used Barry M Navy as the base coat, Barry M Crystal glaze over that, Tentacles were done using a nail art brush and Layla Emerald Divine with dots of Barry M Gelly Watermelon for suckers. Silver dots [bubbles] are 17 Silver holo.

Halloween nails! Sally Hansen Purple Potion as base, with Collection 2000 hot looks grey [cannot remember the name at all] and generic nail art pens for the black and white.

And a bonus picture of the 17 UV top coat in action! It's awesome :D

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