Sunday, 15 December 2013

6 Awesome Podcasts

This is totally un-beauty related, but also something I wanted to talk about. I commute quite a long way every day and I don't like being on the train in silence, or walking without something playing, so I've become quite the podcast addict. The great thing about podcasts as well is that they often have great communities built around them and there's something for everyone out there. So today I wanted to share some of my favourites.

1. Supernatural The Road So Far
I couldn't write about podcasts without putting this at number one. This podcast and the amazing community around it got me through the latter half of unemployment, a breakup, and since then multiple bad days and boring commutes. It's a Supernatural rewatch podcast, but they're also podcasting the current season while it airs. It's not only well produced but the hosts Matt and Sam are awesome people and the facebook group is one of my favourite online places to hang out. I should probably stop before I start writing an epic love letter of sorts. Seriously, if you like Supernatural check out this podcast I can't say enough good things about them!

2. Night of the Living Podcast
"Each week a randomly selected podcaster reviews a film for our “Straight-to-Video Russian Roulette” segment. In “The Main Attraction” segment, the entire NOTLP Crew discusses a horror or sci-fi genre feature." Hilarious [NSFW if you're listening out loud] and I've found several good and so-bad-they're-good films to watch via this podcast. They entertained me through three years of uni and still do so now. If you're a horror fan, totally worth checking out.

3. Bloody Good Horror
Another horror movie review podcast, these guys review new releases as well as older stuff. There's also a word of the day and a beer segment, which are pretty awesome.Again NSFW and some, lets say darker humour, but they crack me up when I listen.

4. The How Stuff Works Network
A whole bunch of podcasts and covering a massive range of information from current social issues to history to science. I'm a bit of a nerd and really enjoy learning and I have learned so much from these, as well as highlighted some issues I really need to educate myself on.
- Stuff To Blow Your Mind mostly science, but in an easily accessible and fun presentation
- Stuff You Missed in History Class covering a lot of the lesser known events and facts from history. For example did you know that only 5 people actually died in the Boston Massacre?
- Stuff You Should Know this is really the 'how stuff works' side of the podcast, covering everything from cocaine to maglev trains
- Stuff Mom Never Told You  female/feminist related issues and history.

5. Caustic Soda
This podcast comes with a massive warning, the hosts get dark, and I mean they tell some really dark jokes [and that's coming from someone with a pretty twisted sense of humour]. If you are easily upset or offended then I would probably say not to listen to this particular podcast, even I get a little offended sometimes and I'm pretty thick skinned. That being said they really do their research and they often have special guests whom are way more knowledgeable in the areas they podcast in such as doctors and industry professionals. The podcast covers a lot of the darker areas of science, history and life in general, with everything from sexually transmitted infections to natural disasters to hitler being covered. If you can deal with the jokes and occasional irreverence then it's so worth listening, you learn loads!

6. Welcome to Night Vale
How would any list of podcasts be complete without the masterpiece that is Welcome to Night Vale? This podcast in the form of a radio show from a desert town called Night Vale is both sweet and terrifically creepy at the same time. It's hosted by Cecil, who has the most beautiful voice, and features a massive cast of weird,wonderful and captivating characters all seen from the perspective of your friendly host. And who can forget the wonderful relationship between Cecil and Carlos, beautiful perfect Carlos... The first few episodes start slow, but before you know it you'll be captivated and a proud citizen of the Night Vale community. All hail the glow cloud.

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