Monday, 2 December 2013

Catching Fire

I've been meaning to post this for ages, I saw Catching Fire on the 23rd and never got around to actually getting the photos edited and uploaded. My apologies.

The movie itself was amazing, I cried an awful lot and was in total awe at the makeup, effects and clothes [and yes, the story, I loved the books and the film. I'm glad they're not pushing the love story angle as hard as they've done in the trailers].

Products used: Black Rose Minerals Jet and Darling Girl The Seam on lid, Shiro Cosmetics Zero and Cheifest of Calamities in the crease and inner corner. Shiro Cornucopia as upper liner with Collection Extreme Liner as the black liner near lashline. Liner on lower lashline was Darling Girl Survival Instinct and I used Rimmel white eyeliner pencil on the waterline. The glitter on the outer eye is Freaky Friday from Darling Girl. For my lips I used Fyrinnae Conjuror with Shio Zero in the center of the lip.

And as a bonus, here's a practice run look I did:
 Used: Black Rose Minerals Jet on lid, Shiro Ragdoll in crease, and Victorian Disco Helga and Sailor Galaxia as liners.

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  1. This is stunning Katie! I haven't watched the movie yet but I am hearing good things~ :D


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