Sunday, 29 December 2013

Favourite Blogs of 2013

That should say blogs, not bloggers, but I'm running out of time to write and I only just noticed. Sorry!

  • Daisy Chain Dream I have stalked followed Laura's blog for ages and I really love her sense of style, as well as the odd lifestyle posts she does. Her shoe collection makes me wish I could buy them all and her jewellery and style picks often have me drooling. If you like fashion, or sweets, Laura's blog is one to check out.
  • Dark Side of Beauty Geekery, beautiful swatches and a brilliant talent for make up? Yep, that pretty much sums up Nancy and Dark Side of Beauty. While I'm often jealous of some of the awesome stuff she swatches that seems to be US only, she's also fuelled my indie obsession with her beautiful swatches of Shiro and Victorian Disco shades especially. 
  • Phyrra my first go-to source for swatches from a whole tonne of indie brands, especially Fyrinnae, as well as cruelty free product recommendation and reviews. 
  • Midnight Violets is the first place I stop if I'm looking for British high street product reviews, especially if I'm considering anything from MUA. Not only is Hannah thorough with her reviews, she's also totally honest and I love reading her opinion on things. She has some lovely make up looks as well, and good youtube videos to go with them. 
  • The Crumpet for lovely nail art and beautiful swatches.
  • Manicurity like The Crumpet, Manicurity has some beautiful nail art and polish swatches.
  • Zombies Wear Eyeliner my favourite alternative style and beauty site ever. Seriously. Ali posts great reviews, OOTD's that make me jealous and some loveley makeup looks. She also blogs about music at her side blog.
  • That Redhead Said I don't follow many lifestyle blogs, but I love Sami's. She has some amazing recipies as well as posts from university and addiction and mental health posts coming from someone who really knows what she's on about.
  • Lost and Found I love the nail art Katie does, I also love her posts about mental heath as both informative and from the heart.

    I really hope you do check these blogs out. They're some of my favourite reads. 


  1. Aww thank you so much Katie <3 <3 <3
    I will definitely have to check out these other blogs! I love finding new blogs to stalk...I mean read xD


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