Friday, 10 January 2014

Friday Favourites

Sorry I'm late with this, I've had internet issues lately.

Blog Love:

Looking for a new top coat? Then the awesome indie topcoat comparison post from The Nailasaurus is well worth a read.
I've been loving Makeup Savvy's 2013 Favourites posts
Stunning New Years Eve nails from Polished Elegance
I love leopard print and this is a gorgeous subtle way of including it in a manicure from Brit Nails I'm wearing leopard underneath
Mental Health is NOT a fashion statement. Urban Outfitters are on my blacklist.
Ali at Zombies Wear Eyeliner had a funny and insightful post about common misconceptions about bloggers many of which I agree with for me!
There's been some nail art theft around lately. Read this post about it from Lucy's Stash
I may not as big of a Disney fan as Marvelle at Blog of Shadows but her Pinnoccio inspired look is beautiful

Nail heavy this week apparently.

Other things I've been loving this week:

I was too late spotting this to take part (still kicking myself) but I have been loving the posts in the Body ConfidenceWeek tumblr tag


  1. Nice list. Urban Outfitters, did they really just do that? And theft is always wrong, don't care what the form is! Even online is just wrong!

    x Dawn
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    1. Yeah, UO have done the eat less one before as well. Theft is terrible, especially the way the person in question handled it =[


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