Monday, 31 March 2014

Geek Chic The Game Is On Collection Swatches

And on a list of things I should have posted ages ago is the latest haul from Geek Chic Cosmetics, stuff I got with my $25 gift voucher from winning the Dark Side of Beauty January Series Challenge. The first set of swatches comes from the latest collection released by Geek Chic, the BBC Sherlock inspired "The Game is On" collection.

One thing I will note with Geek Chic samples that I've noticed this time around is that they do seem to vary a fair bit in volume, as you will see throughout the swatches. Also I didn't get a free sample this time, I'm not complaining as this was a gift card purchase, but I am not sure whether this was a mistake or whether they have stopped doing samples now. 

As always the swatches are done over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy (which I'm running out of and need to replace!) and photographed in natural light. Or the best impersonation of sunlight Britain could do early in the morning when I was photographing these. Descriptions are from the Geek Chic website with additions from me where I felt this was needed.

Geek Chic Battle DressGeek Chic Battle Dress Swatch

Sometimes you need that perfect nude shade to accentuate your personal Battle Dress. And wearing this eyeshadow will surely give you a reason to cause your own scandal. Whether or not that scandal is in Belgravia is entirely up to you.
Battle Dress is a tea rose pink with a beige undertone shadow with subtle pink shimmer. Has a satin finish. Perfect for a soft neutral look! 
(this reminds me an awful lot of Fyrinnae's Kurisumasu!, I need to swatch the two next to each other and compare at some point)

Geek Chic BoredGeek Chic Bored Swatch

Adverse to its name, this shade is anything but boring. Though wearing it does absolutely give one the excuse to randomly shout the word "BORED" to anyone with the impudence to ask you how you are doing.
Bored is an elegant mustard shadow with a satin metallic sheen. Pairs beautifully with autumn tones! 

Geek Chic I Was A SoldierGeek Chic I Was A Soldier Swatch

The Army lost its doctor (no not *the* Doctor) and Sherlock gained his best friend. Because what's a detective without his faithful companion? Or "companion", as Mrs. Hudson sees it.
I Was A Soldier is a yellow-toned army green based shadow with a strong grass green sheen and subtle golden shimmer. Pairs gorgeously with Bored! and other autumnal shades.

Geek Chic My Mind PalaceGeek Chic My Mind Palace Swatch

A place made entirely from his imagination, Sherlock's Mind Palace truly is the stuff of dreams. Surely at some time or another you have wished for access into this mythical domicile. Well, this eyeshadow will grant you admission, but be warned that Mr. Holmes is known to yell at anyone lowering the IQ in his presence.
My Mind Palace is a sheer white with a strong turquoise to purple duochrome shift. Chock full of blue, violet, and green sparkles. Perfect for highlighting your browbone, inner v, or even the apples of your cheeks! 
(personally I've not seen the purple shift yet, the blue/turquoise is strong though)

Geek Chic Old Fashioned VillainGeek Chic Old Fashioned Villain Swatch

Just like Moriarty himself, this eyeshadow is Mr. Sex! Please note that this shade comes with neither an apple or a perfectly tailored Westwood suit. However, it does come with an extra large dose of sass.
Old Fashioned Villain is a devious purple satin shadow with a feisty copper sheen and copper sparkle. Perfect for a smoky eye with some sass! 
(I see this as more of a greyed out purple, and don't see so much of the sheen. The copper sparks are there though. Still a beautiful shade.)

There is one more shade in this collection "High Functioning Sociopath" but I have a lot of blues I hardly wear, so I may have passed on that one. I love all the colours I picked up, I am a little disappointed in Old Fashioned Villain compared to the site swatch, but it is still a stunning colour (purple and copper, just beautiful!) and I loved Bored more than I thought I would, I picked it up on a whim to use for creative looks but it is gorgeous.

All shadows can be purchased from Geek Chic Cosmetics
Samples $1.25
Full Size $5.99
Whole Collection $28.75


  1. In love with old fashioned villain, something I know I could wear pretty much all the time. Hmmmm I may have to look at them & see what I think - although it's money I probably should not consider spending! How did you find this brand? x

    1. I think I found Geek Chic through Phyrra (, really I spend way too much time browsing makeup online. The samples are really affordable and you get a fair few uses out of them, but I'll admit the international shipping costs are a pain, and probably one of only the reasons I'm not completely drowning in indie eyeshadows xD


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