Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Liebster Award

So, I was nominated for a Liebster by the wonderful Katie over at Lost and Found (do go check her blog out, she does great posts on mental health as well as some stellar nail art). Sorry it's taken me a while to get around to doing this.

How it works:
-11 random facts about yourself
-answer the nominators 11 questions
-write 11 questions of your own
-nominate 11 people under 250 followers and let them know

Eleven Facts:
- I'm going to two Supernatural Conventions this year (Asylum 12 & 13), after my first last year I'm hooked!
- I am partially composed of a mix of tea and Pepsi Max.
- I'm doing a PhD in phosphorus based flame retardants.
- Vanilla scents and flavours are my weakness.
- I need background noise whenever I am doing something. Quiet really gets to me!
- I fancy way too many fictional characters.
- I've had a grand total of three pets in my lifetime (two goldfish and a hamster)
- I went through a big goth/mosher phase in high school, I kind of miss it.
- I've been taking driving lessons for over a year, I'm such a nervous driver it's taking me twice as long.
- I read far more YA books than I should for someone my age.
- I'm bisexual, or queer. The labels confuse me and I'm not properly settled on one, either way I like male and female people (cis and trans).

Katie's Eleven questions:
1. How are you today? Hanging in there, hair dye is helping!
2. Do you eat breakfast? What? Sometimes I'll grab something as I head out the door, grapes or on bad days a sweet.
3. What's your top coat of choice? I'm terrible, I don't usually use one unless I'm doing matte or glitter. I did just buy a 45 Second topcoat from Save The Nail though.
4. What do you watch on tv? Way too much! Shows I keep up with religiously are Supernatural (you'd never guess eh?), American Horror Story, Hannibal, Almost Human, Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, Lost Girl, The Musketeers, Holby City/Casualty, Bones, Castle... um, I'm sure there's more. I am a terrible tv slob.
5. Can you cook? What's your best dish? I can make salads and toasties and that is the sum of my skills. I really should learn.
6. Do you like to read? Love to! I will admit I read on my kindle more than real books nowadays though. There are lots of reasons for that, most of them involving saving space and fanfiction.
7. Do you have any special talents? Sadly not really.
8. Who's your favourite artist? I'm not sure, I used to love George Stubbs. Really I'm just impressed at anyone who can draw. I'm horribly uncultured.
9. Science museum, cool or boring? AWESOME! Though last time I went to the London one it was less awesome than I remember from my childhood, I still love Science museums though :)
10. How would you like to celebrate your birthday? A night out with friends. Last time that happened I was turning 18 I think.
11. How clumsy are you? Very! I am constantly falling over and walking into things.

Eleven questions from me:
1. If you could live in any fictional universe which would you choose and why?
2. What's one makeup item you can't leave the house without?
3. If you could have any colour hair which would you go for?
4. What's your favourite museum or art gallery?
5. Three books that really stuck with you?
6. What's one makeup or nail art technique you really want to try but haven't yet?
7. Do you read a newspaper? If so which one?
8. Three things on your 'if I was rich' wishlist?
9. Shoes or boots?
10. What's your favourite lipstick?
11. Five bands/artists for your dream festival lineup?

Eleven blogs under two hundred and fifty followers (I literally cannot find eleven of you, stop being so popular guys!)

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