Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Seven Deadly Sins: Pride

art used for banner is by dahlig, you can see the full series here

In almost every list, pride (Latin, superbia), or hubris (Greek), is considered the original and most serious of the seven deadly sins, and the source of the others. It is identified as believing that one is essentially better than others, failing to acknowledge the accomplishments of others, and excessive admiration of the personal self (especially holding self out of proper position toward God). Dante's definition was "love of self perverted to hatred and contempt for one's neighbour". In Jacob Bidermann's medieval miracle play, Cenodoxus, pride is the deadliest of all the sins and leads directly to the damnation of the titulary famed Parisian doctor. In perhaps the best-known example, the story of Lucifer, pride (his desire to compete with God) was what caused his fall from Heaven, and his resultant transformation into Satan. In Dante's Divine Comedy, the penitents are burdened with stone slabs on their necks which force them to keep their heads bowed.
The demon associated with this sin is Lucifer (who else?) 

We're finally here, the end of the sins series! I feel like it's taken me a long time. This is the final look and probably my second favourite aside from Lust, though the photos didn't take too well. There's lots of glitter and lots of purple. It's definitley a very dramatic look. 

Seven Deadly Sins Pride Makeup
Used: Shiro Alkahestry on the inner corner, Shiro Shinigami across the lid, Victorian Disco Shadowform on the outer corner, black is from the MUA Starry Night palette. Extra glitter is Black Rose Minerals Stardust. Eyebrows are Fyrinnae Mystical Hedgehog on the inner half and Victorian Disco I'm 100 Years Older Than You But It's Okay on the outer half. White liner is a Rimmel pencil. Lips are Rimmel Apocalips in Eclipse. Lashes are by Revlon [double wink I believe] and rhinestones are from eBay.


  1. This is such a beautiful look, I may have to try it for a night out at some point!

    Violet Faery

    1. Thank you :). It's a really fun dramatic look, I think I'd wear it for a night out if I ever went on any! heh

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you :), purple is my favourite colour

  3. Amazing look!

    x Dawn

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