Monday, 21 April 2014

Earth Day Makeup (& First Tutorial!)

Hey look, it's my first ever attempt at an actual makeup tutorial. I'm not sure how well this worked, but if you like it and you'd like more please do let me know!

1. Start with a primed eyelid. I used Benefit's Stay Don't Stray. I also have my eyebrows drawn in, just because looking at them without whilst editing photos would have driven me mad, I usually leave them until the end just in case.

2. Apply a bright green all over the lid. This is Innocent + Twisted Alchemy No Fairytale, I used a large flat eyeshadow brush to cover the entire lid with colour.

3. On the inner corner and crease apply a dark forest green, this is Black Rose Minerals Spike applied with a slightly smaller and softer brush to prevent any harsh lines.

4. On the outer corner I applied a brown with a green shift. This one is Slugs from Victorian Disco Cosmetics, which I believe is the same shade as I used for my brows. I used the edge of the brush to get the line straight, though you can always use the tape method for true neatness. This is also where I blend everything.

5. Add a line of the dark green on the lower lashline as well. Again this is Spike, drawn out past the corner of my eye to give it a bit of interest.

6. Blue liner. For this I used Geek Chic Little Albatross for the inner half and Black Rose Minerals Annabele Lee for the outer wing, mixed with a small amount of ELF Lock and Seal and applied with a fine brush (an old art detailing brush), mostly because I am obsessed with gradient liner right now and all my bright and coloured liner is done using loose pigments.

7. Finally, mascara! And any additional touch ups you want to do to complete the look (for example making sure the blending is done and here is where I would normally do my brows).


  1. What a stunning look! Love the pop of blue there along with the flicks!



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