Thursday, 10 April 2014

Easter Inspired Nail Art Ideas

Easter Nail Art

No GOT polish this week, I don't own a coral nail polish, however I do still have a nail art post for you this week. Easter is coming up fast so I thought I'd share some Easter inspired nail art. Plus it gave me a chance to use my nail wheels for the first time ever. I've never actually done nail art on anything which isn't my own nails before, but these are genius. I got them on eBay and it allows me to test out all kinds of things without needing to kill my fingers with constant polish removal.

Easter Nail Art

1. A little chick hatching out of his egg. For this I put down a base coat of Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream then drew a pointy egg shape using Barry M Silks in Pearl and a small nail art brush. I don't own a yellow polish so for the chick I used a yellow nail art pen from eBay (part of an eBay set I got for my birthday a few years ago) to draw a semi-circular yellow ball coming from the egg. I then drew in the eyes and beak with Barry M Black Nail Art Pen and Barry M Gelly in Satsuma.

2 and 3. Pastel gradients using Barry M Mint Ice Cream and Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream for 2, and Barry M Dragonfruit and Barry M Berry Ice Cream for 3. These are super simple to do, just paint down a base layer of your first colour, then using a makeup sponge dab the second colour onto the botton half. 

Easter Nail Art

4. Painted Easter Egg. For this I painted the nails with a base layer of Barry M Gelly in Dragonfruit, then added a stripe of Barry M Mint Ice Cream, followed by a stripe of Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream at the bottom. The dots are Barry M Spring Green, the dark blue stripes are Barry M Navy and the white is Barry M Pearl.

5. Easter bunny! Or a bunny at least. For this I pained down a base coat of Barry M Pearl to give a nice white base, then painted the rabbit shape using Barry M Grey and a nail brush (I would have preferred a paler grey for this, but I don't own one). I then added touches of Barry M Dragonfruit for the nose and insides of the ears, and used Barry M Nail Art Pen in Black for the eyes.

6. Carrot (for the bunny of course), this is a base of Barry M Pearl on which I drew the carrot in Barry M Satsuma with Barry M Spring Green for the greenery. Then a touch of grey for the lines, all with a small nail art brush.

So there you go, Easter Nails! I promise I'm not sponsored by Barry M, I just really love their polishes and own quite a few of them (you may have guessed!)


  1. These look so cute! and i have only just stumbled across your blog form twitter and i'm so glad i did it's absolutely amazing can't wait to read some more posts! x

    Sarah |

  2. Oooh I love the carrot one -- that's so cute! I'm planning to do Easter egg nails this week, as I have some stamps that will work for them, but these are giving me some more ideas!

    xo Michelle


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