Friday, 4 April 2014

Friday Favourites

Blog Love:

  • I have a soft spot for Marvel heros, and I love creative makeup. This hulk inspired look by Hannah Marie Beauty combines the two perfectly.
  • BB, CC & DD creams! It's like a bra shop out there! Luckily Notes By Nicola posted an awesome  guide to the whole A-Z of them this week
  • Breakouts begone with Tea & Monsters post on how she deals with blemishes. Seriously lately I've been needing all the help I can get blemish wise!
  • Probably one of the most important posts you'll read this week flavours of stigma (and if you get the chance go through and read all of Katie's mental health related posts, she's more eloquent and knowledgeable about things than I am and you can learn a lot)
  • Whilst I'm working on my post of Easter nail art ideas One Nail to Rule Them All posted Nailvengers Easter theme nail art – I'd also recommend checking all the other Nailvengers looks! They are all awesome!

Other things I've been loving this week:

  • A guide to the social media landscape in 2014
  • Purge by Sarah Littman, it's a book about a very tough subject matter (eating disorders and being in a psychiatric facility for them) but told from a perspective we hardly ever see – that of a bulimic, and not one who is also anorexic or emaciated. I feel like it hits on a lot of realistic points, and manages to do so without littering the book with numbers (I think the only numbers mentioned are that the anorexics are on 2500-3000 calorie meal plans, and once for a therapy exercise involving eating a raisin. No weights, no “I only ate x a day”). Yes it's hard to read at points and can be upsetting, but it is a wonderful book and there are light moments too. I read this in a day, which is rare for me, and it's become an instant favourite.
  • Since UD released their Electric palette and the weather warmed up everyone seems to be totally into neons and brights, which is awesome. Biohazardous Beauty on yourtube posted an awesome guide video on neons and brights which you can see right over here
  • Halestorm gig tonight! So excited. 
  • The Used are releasing a new album. The full stream is here on youtube already

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  1. Great friday favorites!

    x Dawn


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