Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The Massive Bank Holiday Haul Post

So... I spent far far too much money over the bank holiday weekend.

As I said before I'm overhauling my skincare routine, because of that I picked up the Una Brennan Vitamin C Cleansing Oil, LUSH Ultrabland and Hydraluron. I chose them based off a combination of recommendations from other bloggers and research, plus I had a £3 off voucher for the Hydraluron which while it isn't much did help. While I was in Boots I also grabbed the Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Body Cream in an attempt to tackle the KP on my upper arms and thighs since the Glycolic Fix pads worked so well on my face (and at £8 it's a much cheaper option in the UK than the Am-Lactin I often see mentioned online). I also picked up a few clearance rack bargains, best of all being the Real Techniques Liner Brush for a mere £2! Love it. I also grabbed a Yardley Hand Cream in Peony, turns out I don't like the smell of peony but I needed a hand cream and Yardley are often mentioned by bloggers. The last few bits are all for my change of hair, I got the Schwarzkopf XL Absolute Platinum (my bleach of choice) in bodycare for £4 and La Riche Directions dye in Fire and Vermillion Red.

I'd popped into Primark the day before and seen the My Little Pony tee there but the queue put me off. I went back Sunday and somehow one £6 teeshirt turned into a whole £30 bag of stuff. Anyone else have that issue in Primark? As well as the teeshirt I got some jogging bottoms (£8 I think) as part of my fitness quest (I'll join a gym eventually too... eventually) and some face cloths (£1.50) and insoles (£1) that I'd planned on grabbing at some point anyway. After that is where I made a mistake, I wandered into the underwear and nightwear section. I have an underwear buying problem... cute pants and I am done for. So I picked up three pairs including that epic Marvel pair (which, by the way, if anyone has any suggestions of Marvel comics I should read I'm all ears. I have a Marvel Unlimited subscription and I'm currently working my way through Deadpool comics). I also spotted an awesome pair of Batman tights (£4) and while I'm more a Marvel fan than a DC person (though Dark Horse is even better), Batman is still one of my favourites (well, Harley, Ivy and Joker are) so they went straight into the basket. And while I was there I grabbed some more socks, I've worn holes in the backs of so many of mine. Oops.

Oh and there's a Simple moisturiser there. Which I didn't get in primark but forgot to photo with the rest. I ran out of moisturiser and I like Simple's range.

So, that's my rather over the top haul. Well that and the pre-order on the Jackdaw from Volante Design I made to congratulate myself for passing my theory. And once Asylum 12 has been and gone I'm sticking myself on a proper no-buy for a while, new Hannibal collection from Geek Chic or no.


  1. That's the thing with Primark, you'll go in there for one item and come out with a whole bag of stuff. I really hate the queues there sometimes, they really need to create a queue for people with 5 items or less, 'cos when you literally have a hanful of items, the queue can be quite off-putting. Have you tried the Nip & Fab Body Butter before?
    I'm running a giveaway on my blog do come and check it out :)
    http://louiseabenamensah.blogspot.co.uk/ xoxo

    1. Yeah the queues are awful, especially when they only have one or two people on tills! Good thing I don't go in often or I'd be in debt xD

    2. I haven't tried the body butter yet but I honestly forget to use moisturisers way too often. Oops


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