Thursday, 8 May 2014

Discworld Series: Death's Domain

The second in the series is another location from the books that really stuck with me, the home of Death. I picked Death's house for this one as I have already done a look for Death himself (albeit not this specific anthropomorphic personification, but Death in Discworld is not much different from Death elsewhere colour wise).

Death's Domain was the home of Death. It was an extra-dimensional realm and has a house, garden and stable where Death's horse Binky lives. Death's house has infinite space inside. The rooms include the Life-Timer room,the home of the life hourglasses which keep on running.Then there is the Library where everybody's biography is being written down by itself.The whole house looks old. The house Is predominatly night black, dark purple and shroud white, with lots of drapes and runny candles

Used: Victorian Disco Sandy Claws for the all over lid colour, Victorian Disco Shadowform for the purple liner, Rimmel white eyeliner pencil for the white and Fyrinnae Mystical Hedgehog blended out above the crease and for the brows. Mascara is Maybelline Falsies.

I think I like this eyeshadow shape.


  1. this looks amazing Katie! x

  2. argh! I just adore using white eyeliner in dark makeup! pop up the eyes so easily!
    also, supernaturaaaal uhuuul!

    1. Its something I should do more often, it really does make eyes pop :)


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