Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Discworld Series: Moist Von Lipwig

It's been a long time since I posted anything from this series hasn't it? Sorry, I haven't forgotten it, though some of my inspiration for the characters has been waning (especially as it's hard to find good descriptions for a lot of them). Even more so since I lost my Kindle on a train back in May and along with it pretty much the entirety of my Discworld collection - especially all of my to-reads :(.

Swindler, con artist and fraud wanted dead in several cities, and currently Postmaster General and Master of the Royal Mint of Ankh-Morpork. Smitten with Adora Belle Dearheart, whom he calls "Spike". After a tough apprenticeship as her fiancé (note that it was not the other way around), they are, as of Raising Steam, married and resident in a property on upmarket Scoone Avenue, where they employ a domestic staff. He revived the postal service in Ankh-Morpork, inadvertently challenging the clacks company, which was stolen from Adora Belle Dearheart's family by a still much bigger fraudster, Reacher Gilt. Reacher Gilt is also rumoured to have had her brother, John Dearheart, killed. He folllowed this through by rescuing the fortunes of the Royal Bank and the Royal Mint.
Usually dressed all in gold in his capacity as Postmaster General (with corresponding wingèd golden hat; gold paint, of course), Moist was entrusted with the running of the clacks company after it was ascertained that Reacher Gilt and his gang of financial cronies had obtained the company by illegal means.
Taken from the Lspace wiki page on Moist.

Moist is a character who very much grew on me. I actually first met him when I watched the Going Postal special on Sky One several years ago, having loved their version of the Hogfather (and I believe The Colour of Magic was also a predecessor to this), and honestly I found him irritating. Then I got around to reading the books and honestly in the books he was so much better! I really enjoyed his character, fell head over heels with Adora Belle, and was sucked in reading about his adventures and their relationship growing. Honestly if you didn't like the special you might still like book Moist, he's far more intelligent and well rounded in my opinion.

Moist Von Lipwig inspired makeup

Used: Shiro Cosmetics Slave 23 on the inner corner, a combination of Victorian Disco Helga and Sailor Galaxia over the lid, Geek Chic Antediluvian on the outer corner and crease, Meow Cosmetics Heiroglyph as the brow colour and Femme Fatale Jewelled Scarab as a liner.

Of course I used all the golds I could! I had to try and capture the true majesty of the postmasters official gold suit! The green is for both the stamps and paper money Moist was instrumental in bringing to the Disc (well, he did invent it!). Sadly I didn't quite manage to get the railway in there, though I guess the darkness I used at the edge and crease to show his darker side - he is an 'ex' conman after all - would work.

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