Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Jinx Inspired Look

Another for the Dark Side of Beauty monthly challenge. Week 2 is Jinx, a new champion that I've never actually played. But I do like the character design (somewhat impractical clothing or lack thereof aside) and she seems like tonnes of fun. Plus this gave me a chance to try something a bit fun.

Jinx lives to wreak havoc without a thought for consequence, leaving a trail of mayhem and panic in her wake. A manic and impulsive criminal, she despises nothing more than boredom, and gleefully unleashes her own volatile brand of pandemonium to the one place she finds dullest: Piltover. With an arsenal of deadly toys, she unleashes the brightest explosions and loudest blasts - all the better to shock and surprise the hapless authorities. Always just out of the law's reach, Jinx's favorite game is to toy with Piltover's finest - especially Vi.
from the League of Legends wiki. Her full lore is actually pretty long and interesting so do pop over there to read it!

for this I used: Victorian Disco Arda (pink) and Evenstar (blue) over the right and left lids respectively. For crease colours I used Black Rose Minerals Annabele Lee (blue) and Shiro Wheeeeeee! (pink), brows are Shiro Wheeeeeee! (pink) and Geek Chic Little Albatross (blue). For liner I used Barry M black glitter kohl liner.The glitter on the lids is Victorian Disco Barrett (blue) and Darling Girl Freaky Friday (pink)

This was tonnes of fun! What do you guys think? Are you LoL players and if so have you played Jinx yet? 


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