Wednesday, 17 September 2014

A Couple of Back to School(ish) Looks

Ish because I've never been very good at totally natural looking makeup and I have enjoyed playing with colour in my brows as of late. Whoops.

This is just a lazy day look that I did when I couldn't be bothered to try working with my brighter colours and I realised that it'd be a good one for going back to school/work as on the whole it's pretty subtle. Well, if you completely discount the brows, which I'd already done and didn't want to remove. Sorry (I had places to be and needed to do this while the light was good!).

Back to school makeup

For this I used: Innocent + Twisted Warm & Fuzzy over lid, Victorian Disco Off Is The Direction (dry) as a liner and I believe a small amount blended into outer corner and crease with a soft fluffy brush to give the lightest bit of colour..

And here's a bonus look I actually wore to work! Again, you could easily change the brows, though these are more subtle, and make it an easy work/school look as long as your place of employment or education is okay with liner.

Back to school makeup

Used: Victorian Disco Health Pack, Black Rose Minerals Scarab on outer corner and
Geek Chic We Are Coming (mixed with ELF Lock and Seal) as a liner. I believe the brows are Fyrinnae's Conjurer.

(disclaimer, I may have got the use of Health Pack vs Warm & Fuzzy mixed up. I can't totally remember which I used where)

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