Monday, 1 September 2014

Adventures in Bolton: Aquarium and Museum

So, for those of you who might not know, I moved out to live in Bolton closer to my PhD a little while ago. This is awesome in that I get up a full hour later and still get into work an hour or so earlier than I used to. It also means I can pop home early if I need to, or if I forgot to take my lunch. But as I now live in Bolton and only come home every other weekend for driving lessons (yay!) I've been on the lookout for things to do on weekends to keep me entertained, hopefully soon this will involve having some friends, but until then I've been exploring as best I can :)

A week or so ago I finally got around to visiting the Aquarium and Museum in Bolton, they share a building with each other and the main library. It's a pretty small museum and aquarium but not too bad, small children on their summer holidays aside (kidding, kind of). I didn't get very many pictures in the museum, but then again the aquarium was much more interesting to me. I have to admit some of the displays in the museum weren't as well put together, the lower stage on the history of Bolton was really good, but the upper 'natural history' type bit wasn't so much. Some of the taxidermy was a bit off, and some of the animals were laid out more like food you brought back from the hunt rather than anything you'd see at The Natural History Museum in London. Maybe I've just been spoiled by them!

I know that sounds a bit negative, but overall it is a decent excursion for a half day or so especially if you have youngsters. There's also an Art Gallery which isn't so much my thing, but if you're into it then it's an extra bit of time and an extra thing to do.

Anyway, enough rambling from me, onto the pictures (mostly of fish!). Clicking the images should make them bigger.


You can get more information about Bolton Museum and Aquarium on their website here

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