Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Clownin' Around

So this is a look I found hiding in completely the wrong place in my hard drive, it's from a couple of months ago back when I was still living at home. I can't promise I remember exactly what colours I used, but I'll try to have a good guess. I hope you like it anyway, the eyeliner was fun to do.

As I said I can't remember exactly what I used, the brows are Conjouring from Fyrinnae, I think the gold is something like Helga from Victorian Disco or maybe Heiroglyph from Meow Cosmetics, possibly with a little Inevitable Betrayal from Geek Chic mixed in. The crease colour I'm pretty sure was 1000 Needles from Geek Chic. Eyeko skinny liner and probably Maybelline Falsies mascara.

1 comment:

  1. Great job with the eyeliner! I've worn a cat eye look off and on for the last three years and I still struggle with it--more often than not I end up looking like a cheap Amy Winehouse impersonator....



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