Friday, 5 September 2014

Friday Favourites

Blog Love:

  • Bit late, but here is Hayley at Tea Party Beauty's brilliant post on opinions in the blogging community Oh No She Didn't (have I mentioned how much I love her Wittering Wednesday series? Because I do, a lot). She also published (un)helpful blogging advice you often hear this week. LOVE!
  • For those of you who missed it, I am pretty pale - even in summer. Most foundations in my price range are too dark/orange, which sucks a lot. Thankfully Hannah over at Midnight Violets, as a fellow paleface, posted some of her picks for the best pale foundations on the high street also I am head over heels with this gold cut crease she did. Two faves in one week!
  • I've been wanting to visit Scotland for ages and Becky's post about her trip to Edinburgh has made me want to go even more! (Even if I may soon need a passport for it!)
  • This list of useful sites for bloggers from Rebecca at Autumn Leaves is really good.
  • Gio over at Beautiful With Brains gave a really awesome list of alternative uses for perfume samples which gave me some great ideas of what to do with those few samples that just didn't work for me.

Other things I've been loving this week:

  • Lovecraft's birthday was the 20th. If you like some good old Cthulhu Mythos inspired art on your walls or yourself then Redbubble's awesome roundup of Lovecraft Inspired work on their blog here is a must visit
  • My friend helped to set up an awesome awesome store, selling geekily themed teeshirts to those of you from the UK over at Imaginative Ink which launched recently. They currently have everything for £9.99 (which is way way cheaper than most other places even before shipping is added) AND free shipping until the 14th September.
  • A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness. Someone at work leant this to me and I am loving it so far, it's great to get back into reading since the loss of my Kindle (which I should probably replace before I go to the states, given luggage allowance rules...)

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  1. Once again, very nice favorites <3 I didn't realise Lovecraft's birthday was the 20th.


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