Sunday, 23 November 2014

A-Z of Me: F


Fire – Fire is a big part of my life, my mum works in Fire Safety writing standards and doing certification for products and factories, I was brought up in and around her work. Now I'm a grown up my PhD is also in Fire Sciences, specifically Fire Materials Science formulating phosphorous based flame retardant coatings. Plus, what's not to love about fire? Aside from the whole burning thing. It looks stunning and I adore the smell of woodsmoke.

February - my birth month had to get a mention on an A – Z of me!

Fears – I have a few fears, mostly they're pretty run of the mill; I'm not a massive fan of heights, or at least heights where I'm not fully secured so really it's more a fear of falling than heights themselves, I do get super nervous standing on wobbly chairs. I'm not too big on clowns or spiders either, and now my grandparents are old I am forever in fear of them dying though again I imagine that's fairly normal. But for slightly odder ones I'm scared of phone conversations. If you make me ring someone I will end up in a wobbly, half-tearful mess, especially if anything goes even slightly wrong with the call. I hate phones, with a passion, I'll text or email instead wherever possible.

Fossils – growing up I was fascinated with fossils and fossil hunters, tying in to my fascination with dinosaurs and the prehistoric world. I remember going fossil hunting on the Isle of Wight and religiously watching a video we had about dinosaurs and fossil hunting (it was 3D, with the funny red and blue glasses).

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