Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Slightly different post for you all today, about a month ago I was sent to a conference in Dubrovnik, Croatia (I arrived just after filming wrapped for Game of Thrones, literally by a couple days!). I just wanted to share some photos I took whilst I was there. Mostly from a very quick dash around the old city I managed during the conference lunch break. I'm afraid this post will be rather picture heavy, but it was beautiful out there!

The view from my hotel room!

And the view from my meeting

The Old City

The marina I believe

I was really there!

Sunset over the bay

Look how clear the water is. Shame I didn't bring swimwear

This, my friends, was a "small" scoop of ice cream! 7 kuna, reminded me a lot of FroYo if I'm honest, I LOVED it.

I hope you enjoyed the picture spam, Croatia was absolutely beautiful and lovely and warm in comparison to the UK. I think it was 22-23 degrees over there. I would love to go back and actually have some time to be a tourist some day :)

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  1. It looks beautiful, Croatia is totally on my list of places to visit! x


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