Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Christmas Wishlist

I don't have a proper Christmas wishlist. I only started thinking about "oh, maybe I should have some idea of what to tell people I want for Christmas" mid November, but I did manage to put a few things together that I wouldn't be adverse to finding under the tree. You may be able to sense a theme from the main image...

  • Indian Summer tart burner. Well any wax tart burner would be fantastic, but this one is very pretty. Then I can go spending a small fortune on Etsy on wax tarts. 
  • Portable mobile charger. For conventions, train journeys and those times when I'm stuck without a plug socket. You may have guessed, but the purple is my favourite. Sleek black is also acceptable =P
  • Purple Hudl2. Always said I'd never get a tablet, but these are pretty bargain priced (especially with the double points offer meaning they're half the original price pretty much). Plus I lost my Kindle so this would allow me to start reading kindle books and my old comics on the go.
  • Massage. I think this is on my Christmas wishlist every year, haven't had one yet.
  • Something I'll not ask for (I'd feel awful since they're so expensive) but in my dreams I'd get, Volante Harrier or Volante EagleI own the Jackdaw and it's my favourite thing ever, a coat would just be *swoon*
So that's it, my wishlist (with one "never ask for but in my dreams" item). What do you want for Christmas?

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  1. I hope you managed to get some of the thins on your wishlsit and have a great new year.

    Corinne x


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