Sunday, 25 January 2015

A - Z of Me: H

It's back! I actually quite enjoy writing these posts, some of the upcoming weeks I'm rather struggling with though (I'm sure you can guess which ones). Still, after much delay here's the continuation of the A-Z of me, H.


Horses – Horses are far and above my favourite animal, have been for years and years. There were many dissappointed christmases when I didn't get a pony. I still dream of having my own. Horse riding was the first sport I really loved, and if it wasn't for the cost I'd go back and do it again. I really really miss it. I have a fondness for chunky horses, the cob and draft types, though Arabians are my joint favourite breed alongside Fresians.

Hellboy – The first real comic series I loved, still do. I started reading the graphic novels after I fell head over heels in love with the first film (seriously, it was the first film since Disney in childhood I watched repeatedly so much I could almost quote verbatim) and fell in love all over again. It's all the perfect mix of fantasy and horror and humour and adventure. I stopped buying the volumes for a while in uni and now I need to go back and complete my collection. Then I can start on Hellboy in Hell.

Horror – I used to be utterly terrified of scary films as a child, even Sleepy Hollow was far too scary for me to watch when that came out. Yep. What a massive change from today when there are few films that actually scare me (I think Insidious is one of the more recent ones to do so, though I haven't seen too many of last years big releases and none from this year yet) and not a great many that will gross me out much, aside from a couple specific squicks. I do enjoy them though, and I'm much pickier about what I'll watch these days.

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