Monday, 12 January 2015

Aromaleigh Swatches Part 1

Months ago I made an order at Aromaleigh, it arrived early November too... oops. I ordered the whole Diavoli Halloween collection (Dante's Inferno anything and I'm gone) plus a few extras and Kristen very kindly threw in a few free samples. These are the extras I bought and the free samples, the Diavoli swatches are coming soon (famous last words!).

All swatches were photographed in natural light, or what passes for it in Bolton in Winter, left side is over primer and right side is over glitter glue. Shade descriptions are from the Aromaleigh site.

These are the extras I bought.

Fleeting Impression - a soft, atmospheric twilight mauve with overall iridescence of gold, green and blue. Part of the Brilliant Deductions collection.

Crisp - pure matte white

Cthulhu - a deep mauved red/chestnut with a strong green/aqua duo chrome and brilliant green sparks! “Mythical Monsters CoTM”

These are the very generous free samples I was given.

Opalia - a delicate opalescent pink with bountiful pink to blue color shift. “Sol Invictus”
This is super sheer and a bit of a pain to work with, the pictures are just over the glitter glue to show the colour.

Gryphon - a very complex gray with khaki undertones, gold to pink multichrome highlights, and vibrant bronze and coppery sparks. “Mythical Monsters CoTM”

Cephissoa deeper midtone grey with khaki and lavender undertones.

Amalia -rich deep periwinkle frost with vibrant blue sparks.

Samples cost $1.00
Full sizes cost $6.50 - $7.00
and there is always at least one collection discounted as well as a clearance section.


  1. I'm all kinds of in love with fleeting impression!

    1. It's a stunner :) I wish I could have captured all the glimmer and gleam you get from it in real life


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