Sunday, 1 February 2015

A to Z of Me: I


Indie Cosmetics – as any of you readers know I am a huge fan of indie cosmetics, I bought my first set from Fyrinnae and Geek Chic in Feb 2012 and I haven't looked back since. At this point I think 90% of my collection, especially the eyeshadows and perfumes are indie.

Internet – I am an addict. Enough said I think.

Ipod – I love my ipod. It's the only piece of tech from Apple I own, but it was worth the money, 160GB of memory? Yes please!

Isle of Wight – fun fact, I spelt white wrong for years because we went to the Isle of Wight every summer for holidays. It is a beautiful place with the right weather, though being there with family and not a lot to do for people in their 20s if it's not warm enough to sit on the beach means I haven't been back since I was 16. Maybe I'll go again one day, but for now it's a happy memory.

Insecurities – I have them by the bucketload, but doesn't everyone? Most of my insecurities revolve around my appearance and my ability to do things. I don't like the way I look, hence the insecurity about it, I won't go into that too much. I am also insecure about my intelligence and abilities, I don't feel smart or that I am capable of doing things especially in the academic spectrum. I am working on getting more confident in what I can do but it's a long hard road.

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