Monday, 2 February 2015

Aromaleigh Diavoli Swatches Pt 3

The third and final part of my Aromaleigh swatch-a-thon, these are the final three shades from the Diavoli collection (returning 15th September 2015 according to the Aromaleigh site).

As with previous posts swatches are done over Smashbox 24hr primer on the left and Darling Girl Glitter Glue. Swatches are photographed in natural daylight.

Aromaleigh Malebranche Swatch

Malebranche - "A rich midtone copperish brown with slight metallic effects, and overlaid with a pale blue to silver duochrome effect. In different lighting, the duochrome can appear to blend with the base color, giving this shade a purplish lean."
This is a subtle duochrome, though you can see it in these pictures. Comes out much better over a sticky base as many duochromes do,

Aromaleigh Rubicante Swatch

Rubicante - "A muted rich red plush matte base with violet tones. It is overlaid with a strong duochrome effect which ranges from blue to violet."
Very similar to Malebranche in these photos, and fairly similar in real life this one leans much pinker whereas Malebranche is more orange. They're different enough for it to be worth having both if you're into colours like this, but similar enough that if you prefer one of the two base tones you'd only need to get the one.

Aromaleigh Scarmiglione Swatch

Scarmiglione - "A muted midtone purplish grey taupe plush matte base with a very strong color traveling duochrome which ranges from vibrant gold to chartreuse." 
This is one of the most 'sparkly' shades in the collection, really very pretty and the duochrome comes out quite well in the right lighting.

The collection is currently unavailable but when it returns you will be able to purchase the full collection as a set here (samples $13.00, full size $84.50)
Individual shadows can be purchased also
Sample sizes are $1.00
Full sizes are $6.50


  1. I can only imagine how big your make up collection is beautiful. Wish I was brave enough to wear some of the colours you have. xx

    1. I have a problem. I haven't counted recently, but I'm going to inventory my collection soon, last I checked it was over 100 indie samples >.<. They're so cheap and I just want all the colours! I do need to destash. I don't know if it's bravery or just no longer caring, then again I wish I had the confidence (and looks) to wear some of the stunning fashions and clothes you share on your wishlists :)

  2. Ooo i love the last one! and ditto what niggles said, i wish i had the nerve to wear them. Sorry i haven't been around, I'm really glad you're back blogging regularly again i missed reading...your looks and posts have come on so far from where you started. xx

    1. Thank you :) and thank you! I guess the improvement comes with practice! I need to practice my nail art more too, I'd love to be able to so some the the stunning stuff you do :). Glad to see you posting often again as well x


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