Sunday, 15 February 2015

A to Z of Me: L


Learning – I really enjoy learning. I don't enjoy school much or studying one subject for a long time, but I love learning little bits of all different things. Of course there are subjects I am more interested in (science, abnormal psychology, creepy and nsfw history for example) and things I don't really have any interest in (poetry and sport for example, the uncultured yob that I am) but in general I love learning new facts and info. There are loads of learning podcasts I listen to such as the How Stuff Works network and Caustic Soda and I love them. I also get the OED Word of the Day emails, I'm that person.

Loneliness – this is something I struggle with a lot. I am working on it though, through blogging and internet forums like reddit.

Latin – I find Latin to be a really beautiful language, I have for years, and one day I would like to learn it. However I know it's really complex and while I'm devoting 90% of my working brainpower to my PhD (I don't have a lot to start with!) I'm just going to admire from afar.

Literature – okay so this is an odd one. I enjoy reading, but I don't like the classics or studying literature. English Lit was the hardest of my two english exams, I hate trying to do in depth critiques or analysis of the written word. Yep, I'm uncultured, my sister has read all the classics, I'm the philistine in our family.

Lists – I am a chronic list maker. I just really like making lists, to do lists, shopping lists, inventory lists... anything that can be stuck in list form I'll probably write that way. My main problem comes when I'm trying to actually get the stuff done FROM the list. I can write a to do list, then a list of steps to get things on the to-do list done, then I'm out of time. I guess I use lists to not do things from the list. But that's something to explain in a whole different point. 

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