Monday, 16 February 2015

25 Before 25

So Saturday 7th was my 24th Birthday. It was a quiet day, though I did get a treat lunch of baked cod which was awesome, and spent the evening with my family. It was nice. I've seen a lot of "x before y" posts since I've been blogging and thought it would be an awesome idea to try and get some of my goals completed for the year ahead. Or at least give me something to do before I hit 25 (scary! I barely feel like I got out of college a couple of years ago, not nearly 6!). Time flies. Anyway, here are my goals for my 24th year of life. Some are much easier than others, and some I'm carrying on from the start of the year (no-buy, films, Hellblazer and books). Hey, ticking off a few will give me motivation if nothing else!

25 before 25

  1. Visit one completely new place overseas
  2. See the British Museum
  3. Complete a Photo a Day Challenge
  4. Reach 100 followers on Bloglovin
  5. Learn one new skill
  6. Write 100 words a day for a month
  7. Finish Hellblazer readthrough
  8. Get a second nose piercing
  9. Go to a Warrington Wolves Match
  10. Donate Blood
  11. Read 20 Books
  12. Visit Ireland
  13. Visit Wales
  14. Visit Scotland
  15. Get a professional massage
  16. Watch 50 films
  17. Make my own blog layout with CSS
  18. Go on a date
  19. Pass my practical driving exam
  20. Raise money for Dementia
  21. Complete a no buy
  22. Cosplay
  23. Have one of my papers published
  24. Raise money for b-Eat
  25. Run in a 5K
and as a bonus, here's the makeup I wore on the day.

didn't really work out quite as I had planned. Ah well., I used My Pretty Zombie Anthrax (I'll put the swatches up soon™), with Innocent + Twisted Alchemy Sweet Pandemonium in the center. I can't quite remember the black on the outer corner, but the glitters are Choppa Gunner by Victorian Disco and Starburst from Darling Girl. Liner is Collection Glam Crystals in Rock Chick over a plain black liner. Brows are Shiro They're After Me Lucky Charms.

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