Monday, 2 March 2015

February Wrap Up

Favourite Things

1. Finally getting the party themes for Asylum 14 & 15 and City of Heroes! I can start planning/buying my outfits and we're doing a DC takeover for City of Heroes on the Saturday night which will be all kinds of awesome :). I'm being Zatanna!
2. My birthday. It was quiet and comfortable and pretty much what I wanted, I was very lucky and received the things that I asked for and just had a nice time with my family.
3. Getting back into nail art and just doing fun things with my nails again. It's been too long.
4. These awesome blogs:

5. These great things:
  • a new perfume discovery in Sixteen92 Black Forest Hot Chocolate,
  • falling in love with Femme Fatale Jewel Scarab all over again,
  • the Samsung Galaxy S4, my new phone!
  • Sawbones which is an awesome medical history podcast, about the bits which didn't go so well!

Things Which Sucked

1. Getting a tooth pulled out Friday. I'm not good with dentists and it sucked and today my face is sore. Yep, not fun. Plus the paranoia of dry socket.
2. Getting knocked over by a car. This happened the Monday after my birthday (the 9th) and my hip/ass and knee are still sore from it. It hasn't exactly been my lucky month.
3. PhD stress. I see this being a recurring monthly theme, but at the moment I'm trying to power through writing a paper and presentation for a big conference in May. Between that and my recurring failures to solve a problem, it's not been a great work month.

Awesome Words I Learned:

ossature, n.
Something resembling a skeleton; a framework or underlying structure. Also: a skeleton; the bones of the skeleton collectively (rare)

puant, adj.
Having an offensive smell, stinking; (fig.) loathsome, contemptible.

sciomancy, n.
Divination through communication with the spirits of the dead. Also: divination by means of shadows

facilis descensus Averni, phr.
The descent into Avernus is easy’: easy is the descent into hell. Chiefly fig.: it is easy to slip into evil or immoral ways.

rumgumption, n.
Good sense; shrewdness.

perendinate, v.
To defer until the day after tomorrow; to postpone for a day.

mundicidious, adj.
Likely or able to destroy the world.

pirrie, n.
A sudden, strong blast of wind; a squall; a storm.

lowe, n.
Flame, fire; (as a count noun) a flame, a fire; a blaze. Also: the gleam or glow of a fire, flame, etc

outrecuidance, n.
Excessive self-esteem; overweening self-confidence; arrogance, presumption; conceit

pribble, n.
A petty or pointless dispute, a squabble; trivial or nonsensical speech or writing; squabbling, quarrelling; idle chit-chat. Only in collocation pribble and prabble

March Goals

1. Read at least two books this month, I'll be sharing my TBR list next week.
2. Keep up with posting regularly and not let myself get behind on the pre-written posts, especially with work being such a stress lately!

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  1. Hahaha, I love the words you learnt! My newest favourite word is to goad.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Corinne x


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