Sunday, 1 March 2015

A to Z of Me: N


North – I am a northerner, I've lived in the North West all my life and I just don't quite feel right down south. Everything is cheaper up here anyway ;). Though I would move southwards to a different country, mostly for the warmth!

Nostalgia – I feel like I'm too young to have nostalgia, but then I remember that I'm 24 and there are kids alive and online today who have never used a floppy disk. Heck there are probably kids online today who never suffered through the dial up tone or “get off the internet I need to use the phone”. I have a lot of nostalgia for a lot of things, including those I am strictly too young to have (benefit of old parent)

Numbers - I have a number thing. I like sevens, multiples of five, palindromes and numbers which ascend/descend in dingle steps or as doubles (eg 123 or 84). It's not OCD or anything, just weird number things that make me happy.

Naive – Not so much now, though there are still a good few aspects of adult life I am sure I am more than slightly naive about, but I grew up for a long time as a pretty naive kid. Until I was a bit older I never even thought to start looking things up on the internet (though I did look up rude words in French dictionaries!). Practical experience... lets just say I was fairly late.

Navigation – I have no sense of direction and I suck at geography, so if you ask me to direct you anywhere then you're pretty much out of luck. That being said, I'm rarely lost when I'm wandering about Bolton, or anywhere if I have a map. And if all else fails I'll walk and backtrack and try new routes until I work out where I'm going. It's never failed me yet. Or at least, not for a long while.

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