Friday, 6 February 2015

Friday Favourites

Blog Love:

  • I buy a lot of indie cosmetics and I love learning about the shop owners and creators behind the wonderful things I get. This week Luna interviewed the owner of TiltShift (a brand I am yet to try)
  • I am terrible and scents in general, but for those of you who are a little better but still find certain things confusing Gio has a great post on indolic perfumes (and hopefully she'll do even more on other scents like ouds, benzoin and aldehydes!)
  • How drool worthy are these Girly Bits polishes Debbie Crumpet swatched?
  • A great way of improving your blog is to look at others and learn from them (without copying of course!). Thankfully Corinne comes to the rescue with this handy (printable!) cheat sheet on blog analysis
  • K went to see the most beautiful ice sculpture display.
  • Jurassic World looks amazing and you should be excited. These are just some of the many reasons why

Other things I've been loving this week:

  • When you think about shopping from a monestary what do you think of? Is it any of these?
  • Emma Watson is awesome (at least sometimes). She says some very quoteable things
  • There's a measles outbreak happening in the states. If you're someone who's considering NOT vaccinating their children, I implore you to read this letter Roald Dahl wrote first. You not vaccinating your child puts OTHERS at risk, people who can't get the vaccine when they want to, vulnerable people. It's other people's lives you risk and it makes me simultaneously extremely angry and utterly heartbroken.

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  1. Ahh, thanks for the link love again :) <3

    Corinne x


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