Sunday, 8 February 2015

A - Z of Me: J & K

Double letters for you today, because J and K are hard! haha


Jam – I am a jam addict. I don't buy it any more because I will literally sit with a jar of jam and eat it by the spoonful.

Jerky – another food one, oops. I discovered jerky in America I think, or it was some my mum brought home from the states. Same kind of thing really. Jerky is amazing, it's a great snack and filling and I really wish we could get the cheaper bulk bags over here like that states.


Katie – hey look, it's my name! Actually my name is Katherine (not Kathryn, Catherine, Cathryn or any other variation thereof I've had it spelled as by others) but when I was a very little child my Grandad refused to call me Katherine. So I've been Katie from there on out. I like it much better to be honest.

Kiss – My first kiss was at 16, I was drunk playing spin the bottle. Yep I am all class. It is still probably one of my all time favourite kisses though.


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