Monday, 9 March 2015

Conjure Spirits in the Twilight Garden

"Spirits in the Twilight Garden takes the Mixtape collection in a bit of a different direction. Instead of a monthly installment, I'll start seasonal offerings that encapsulate the mood, the ambiance and the poetry of the season. Spirits in the Twilight Garden is a disembodied romp through the supernatural that we find during the end of October and the beginning of November. As the sun travels through the dark and mysterious sign of Scorpio, known for its associations with death, legacies, the underworld and the shadow aspects of our souls."

I picked up four scents from this collection courtesy of Ajevie's Decant Circle back in October. Yep, I'm slow. 

Reviews are based on my own skin chemistry and my frankly terrible olfactory scents and way to describe them. So take everything with a small salt mine, 

"Don't damage my altar, don't damn this cold flame
Neither one or the other has much form or shape."

Black tea, red honey, frankincense, blackest amber.

Vial and first sniff applied is sweet pot-pourri, more of the incensey note starts to come out after a while and some of the tea. The best way I can describe this is a little like sticking your face in Earl Grey or Darjeeling tea bags. Ends as a sweet floral perfumey tea. Overall this is probably the scent I like the most, it's the one I've worn most often.

"Skotoseme!" ("Greek. Means sangre coriala lo meti, my blood runs inside thee. It’s a very violent love song." - Diamanda Galas)

Blood musk, shreds of oude, cinnamon, ginger, clove, black patchouli and aged myrrh.

Spicy but perfumey, like sticking your nose in a spice cupboard while someone burns incense. Good throw on this, I can smell it without needing to sniff my wrists. Can definitley smell the cinnamon in this one, luckily the clove isn't overpowering. The musk and oude add some depth to this as it dries down and stop it being a very bakery spice scent. After a couple of hours this turn into soap on me, not quite as powerful as Common Brimstone's Constance did, but still it is very much soap. :( I need to find out what note causes this, because it sucks.

"I want to hold you close
Soft breath, beating heart
As I whisper in your ear
I want to fucking tear you apart"

A violent and sexy blend of leather, dark musk, woodsmoke, dreamy opium smoke and the sting of cinnamon. (FYI I totally love this song)

Leather and smoke and spice. Very cinnamony in the vial, but a perfumey note comes out on skin which I think might be the opium, or the opium blending with the musk. This scent doesn't seem to change a great deal on my skin, the leather comes out a little more over time but it remains mostly the incense smoke with a little leather in the background.


"Cool machine
Horror bat, bite
Cool machine, bite
Sex vampire, bite
Whoah, bite"

Horror bat bite! Black musk, bat wing leather, vanilla resin, crimson blossoms, and black amber.

Incense/hippie shop. Smells like a leather jacket in a hippie shop in the vial, a lot of incense scents come out on my skin. As it dries more of the softness of the blossoms comes out, with the vanilla just lurking underneath lending a little sweetness. Incense becomes more of a faint background smell as it dries down and the leather comes out more.

I think you can still buy these for now over at Conjure's site and you can listen to the mixtape here.


  1. *carefully opens that website* O____O sounds like I need a lot of these...

    1. browsing can be dangerous, my bank account will testify to that!


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