Saturday, 7 March 2015

(Very Late) Friday Favourites

I am so sorry guys, PhD things have totally buried me and it just hasn't been the best week. Plus, has Bloglovin' been playing up for anyone else? Anyway, late and short one this week, really sorry, hopefully I'll be back on form with a bumper favourites next week! 

Blog Love:

  • Handy time hacks for bloggers from Corrine made the top pf my list this week, it's super handy and I'm trying to implement some of the tips (though evidently without the greatest amount of success right now!)
  • Becky wrote this amazing post about body positivity which is something I'm working really hard to get for myself. And let's be honest, Becky is gorgeous and such an awesome person, she should love herself!

Other things I've been loving this week:


  1. Yesterday bloglovin didnt like to display for me about 2hrs in a row other than that it was ok :-) definitely will check those articles!

    1. yeah, seems like it's been playing up for a bunch of people


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