Sunday, 12 April 2015

A to Z of Me: S


Self Harm – I struggled with this for many years, never really badly (I've never had stitches or been rushed to A&E) but I have more than a few scars that will probably stay with me for life. I'm mostly recovered now, but I admit I've slipped once or twice.

Supernatural – my second really big fandom, and the first I ever really poured money and time into (hello Rogue Events Conventions!). I binge watched the series and caught up to the start of season 8 to watch live, if I remember correctly, and have since been to three conventions with another two lined up and spent more money than I wish to think about. I wouldn't say that I'm obsessed but it's a big part of my life.

Sugar – I have a sweet tooth the size of the London Eye and it'll probably be the death of me. I'm really looking to cut down on my sugar intake this year, I do already sweeten my drinks with sweetener and now I'm hoping to cut out the sugary snacks in the day and replace them with fruit. I've been a sugar addict for most of my life, the worst of my binging as a small child was multipacks of Mars Bars. Hopefully I'll beat it.

Swearing – It's not cool or ladylike or any of that, but I can swear like a sailor and often have to catch myself when I'm around my mum or little kids to stop me from getting into trouble. I like making up some really fun and interesting words too, cockwomble anyone?

Storytelling – I don’t mean lying haha! When I was younger and had more time I used to write stories, okay they were never very good and they were more often than not heavily inspired by something I enjoyed reading at the time (I wrote several pages on unicorns heavily inspired by both The Firebringer Trilogy and The Unicorns of Balinor), as I got older I started writing fanfiction. Yep, I’m that person. I have a lot less time to write now, but I’m always making up stories in my head. And usually forgetting them before I get a chance to scribble them down. Oh well, one day!

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  1. I am forever shocking people with my sailor mouth- it's apparently not very expected of me ;) x


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